30 Holiday Recipes

Whatever it is that you celebrate in December, few can deny that this is a time to celebrate. We've reached the end of a year, and it's time to cherish good times and the love of friends and family! To honor the diverse array of cultures represented in Arizona, we have brought together 30 traditional and modern takes on some favorite dishes that celebrate five different holidays. Cheers!

Christmas (Dec. 25), Nochebuena (Dec. 25) & Las Posadas (Dec. 16-24) Christmas and Nochebuena are a time for family, celebration, caroling, and generosity. Las Posadas (the procession) is a border community tradition that allows time for silence, prayer, and reflection followed by singing together. In Arizona, both celebrations share similar dishes in their feasts.

Hanukkah (Dec. 16-24) Otherwise known as The Festival of the Lights, Hanukkah is also a time for family, prayer, singing, and giving children gifts.

Kwanzaa (Dec. 16-Jan. 1) Kwanzaa is a celebration of cultural heritage and traditional values for African Americans. It is sometimes celebrated in conjunction with Christmas.

Yule (Dec. 21-23), Winter Solstice (Dec. 21), & St. Lucia's Day (Dec. 13) Yule and Winter Solstice are ancient celebrations that honor the shortest day of the year in mid-winter, which gave rise to the celebration of the Advent. St. Lucia's Day, generally celebrated in Sweden and other Scandanavian countries, recognizes St. Lucia who was persecuted by the Romans for her religious beliefs.