Puscifer in Jerome

This is a northern Arizona member spotlight for Puscifer in Jerome puscifer2Situated in Jerome with a name inspired by the creative work of Maynard James Keenan, the store Puscifer offers a range of official band merchandise. It's "The First Band to have its own Brand."

Keenan, who is known for his work with the bands “Tool” and “A Perfect Circle,” started a side project known as Puscifer in 1995. Although first and foremost a band, over the years, Puscifer has become as much of a clothing line as it is a band. The variety of band inspired merchandise has attracted fans of Keenan's various projects, particularly the band Puscifer.

puscifer1Once offering a miscellany of music, apparel, art, accessories, gifts and foods, Puscifer has recently moved locations to Main Street in Jerome, and has expanded to provide customers with supplementary merchandise and services. Their upgrades ensure that customers can now enjoy a new and used vinyl record section, a full service barbershop and a custom screen-printing department with million dollar views.

A well worth visit for Maynard Keenan's fans and music enthusiasts alike, Puscifer is located at 140 Main Street in Jerome, Arizona. They are open daily 11:00 a.m. to 6 p.m. with a friendly staff prepared to assist you with finding the perfect merchandise. For more information, please contact Puscifer at (928) 639-3516 or visit their website at www.puscifer.com.

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