LFA kicks off Buy Local Month in Tucson with Holiday Artisans Market

Tucson Museum of Art brings together local artisans for unique holiday shopping experience

ArtisansMarket3As the holiday season looms closer, Local First Arizona and The Tucson Museum of Art are providing a holiday shopping opportunity with the Holidays Artisans Market on Friday, November 21 through Sunday, November 23. Featuring over 140 local and southwestern artists and artisans, the Market offers painting, jewelry, clothing, ceramics, pottery, sculpture, and a wide variety of distinctive arts and crafts. The event and admission to the Museum is free and held on the historic grounds of the Tucson Museum of Art at 140 N Main.

BuyLocalMonthAZThis year, the Holiday Artisans Market will kick off Local First Arizona’s Buy Local Month festivities in Tucson and southern Arizona. “The partnership with the Tucson Museum of Art and the Artisans Market for Buy Local Month came naturally,” said Erika Mitnik-White, Southern Arizona Director for Local First Arizona. “Buy Local Month is our annual campaign to remind holiday shoppers to visit local businesses and artisans for their holiday shopping to keep their dollars in the local community. The Holiday Artisans Market provides a perfect opportunity to check items off your list while supporting local artisans.

“We’re very excited about kicking off Buy Local Month with Local First Arizona. Buying local is such a big part of our community economy and our Artisans are local and regional,“ says Michael Fenlason, Director of Marketing and Public Relations.

ArtisansMarket2“It is important for holiday shoppers to understand how big of an impact they have with their spending,” said Mitnik-White. “When consumers shift their spending to local businesses, studies show that up to four times more money stays in the local community. This translates in to local job creation, support for local schools and safety, and more vibrant communities overall. American consumers are expected to spend over $600 billion this holiday season, so even a small shift in spending to local businesses here at home would add up to a huge investment for Arizona communities.”

Holiday Artisans Market is a fundraiser for the Museum, which offers free arts education to over 20,000 students a year across southern Arizona and provides the region with world class exhibitions, including this fall’s The Figure Examined: Masterworks from the Kasser Mochary Art Foundation. This exhibition features work by Rodin, Renoir, Picasso, Cassatt, Rivera, and Warhol. During Holiday Artisans Market, admission to this exhibition and others exhibition at the Museum will be free as well.

As part of the Holiday Artisans Market tradition the Kitchen Musicians from the Arizona Folk Festival will provide music on Saturday and Sunday. The Market also features food trucks as well as the wonderful gifts available at the Museum Store.

ArtisansMarket4Holidays Artisans Market also includes the seasonal opening of El Nacimiento, a Tucson tradition for more than three decades. El Nacimiento is the city’s most admired nativity, lovingly assembled by Maria Luisa Tena in honor of her mother. This jewel contains 800 figurines depicting biblical stories in palaces, gardens, temples, and of course, a manger. El Nacimiento will unveil on Saturday, November 22 at 10:00 PM with a mariachi celebration.

The Holiday Artisans Market will literally be a once-in-a-lifetime shopping experience in Tucson,” said Fenlason. “Between Picasso and Warhol at the Museum and the extraordinary local artisans in the courtyard, this Tucson Museum of Art event is not to be missed!”

Festivities for Buy Local Month will kick of on Saturday, November 22, at 10:00 a.m. with remarks from Tucson Mayor Jonathan Rothschild and Local First Arizona Director Kimber Lanning. Buy Local Month runs through December 24, and will feature a variety of local holiday events and shopping specials listed at LocalFirstAZ.com/Buy-Local.

Erica FetherstonComment