Meet our new virtual foster cat: Porsche

foster cat Akeila adoptedLocal First Arizona is proud to participate in the Arizona Animal Welfare League's Kitty in the City program, where we virtually foster a cat and help him or her find a "furever" home. Any business can sign up to virtually (or actually!) foster a cat at their business. The idea is that businesses can help spread the word about adoptable cats, and their business gets some promotional attention from the animal shelter. Our first foster, Akeila, was recently adopted by a loving human. With her orange and black split face, she was the perfect cat to be adopted on Halloween! Now we have a new foster cat. Meet Porsche!

foster cat porsche 2

Name: Porsche Cats: Older Cats
Age: 5-years Dogs: “Cat savvy” dogs
D.O.B.: 4/26/2009 Kids: Older Children
Breed: Domestic Shorthair Mix Lap Cat: Probably Not
Declawed: No Petting: Yes

About Porsche: I am a girl with a colorful personality who firmly believes that the world revolves around me. I will certainly entertain you with my spunky attitude. I love to talk to my friends and tell them how much I appreciate their company. In a home, I love to lounge on cat trees, comfortable beds and sunbathe in safe and enclosed patios. A true princess, I don’t prefer the company of other cats. It’s possible that I could live with older cats that have no interest in being friends. I have also come to tolerate dogs that seem savvy enough to give me my space. Although highly independent, I like the idea of curling up close to my new family and possibly venturing on their lap from time to time.

If you are interested in adopting Porsche, please contact the Arizona Animal Welfare League. You can also find more information about Porsche by searching for her on the AAWL website.