O'Rielly Chevrolet Keeps Local Business Moving

ORiellyAt Local First Arizona, we think a lot about how to localize our food system and finding reliable ways to move goods from the farm to the table is an important part of the equation. For getting food and just about everything else where it needs to go, O’Rielly Chevrolet is an important partner in Southern Arizona. Since 1924, O’Rielly Chevrolet has been a partner in helping grow our successful Tucson community. As the 2nd oldest car dealership in Arizona, they have had a long and proud tradition of keeping Arizonans on the road. Recognizing the importance of being able to cater to the unique needs of business owners, O'Rielly Chevrolet opened a Commercial & Fleet division specializing in new and used commercial work van and truck inventory. O’Rielly Commercial &  Fleet continues the longstanding tradition of excellent service for our local business community. “Whether your business has one vehicle or a hundred vehicles, that’s your fleet,” comments manager Zachary Harper. “Our goal is to get you the vehicle you need to keep your business going.” 15120441354_51f2c00ac0_zUsing a commercial fleet service makes a difference.  Anyone with a business license is eligible to take advantage of the services that O’Rielly Commercial & Fleet offers. Part of what makes O’Rielly Chevrolet different from other dealerships is that they are the only Business Elite GM dealership in Southern Arizona. Business owners qualify for business incentives like "try before you buy," special discounts, credit towards GM accessories and more. Best of all, O’Rielly Commercial & Fleet aims to make the transaction seamless. “We understand that business owners are busy people,” says Harper. “We don’t want to waste your time. We want to get you what you need and get you back to work. With us you get one person from beginning to end who handles everything from financing to delivery of the vehicle. We don’t pass you from person to person. We have people who are in and out in as little as twenty minutes. We even have curbside service and can deliver the vehicle right to your door.”

Harper and the team at O’Rielly Commercial & Fleet believe that their role is to help grow our local businesses. “Its part of what makes Tucson great,” says Harper. “People support each other here. It’s nice to be part of a businesses’ success and we take a lot of pride in that.” Harper feels that O’Rielly Commercial & Fleet is a great fit for Local First AZ and is proud to be a sustaining member. “We want the same things,” he says. “We want to make sure that our local businesses keep moving and we believe strongly in supporting our local business community.” O’Rielly Commercial & Fleet even provides service to make sure that your business doesn’t stop working just because your vehicle does. “That can be a make or break moment for a small business” points out Harper. “We come out and get the vehicle towed in for service, we get you in a loaner vehicle and we get you back on the road as quickly as possible.”

15735518815_f5311cb47f_zO’Rielly Commercial & Fleet has a little bit of everything, used and new, from commercial trucks to vans and sedans. They have the largest new and used commercial vehicle inventory in Southern Arizona. “The volume we have is huge,” says Harper. “We have folks come from all over the state. We even have eco-friendly cargo vans. We’ve seen a lot of interest in those from the cycling community.” We know that our local business owners work hard to get their goods and services out to the Tucson community. We’re glad that O’Rielly Commercial & Fleet is out there as a valued local partner to make sure our business owners can get the job done.