Shop Local. Dine Local. Bank Local.

shop local dine local bank local Local First Arizona member RepublicBankAz is walking the walk when it comes to being a Localist. CEO Ralph Tapscott penned this letter to 400 business owners in his neighborhood:

Dear Business Owner,

I have recently had the pleasure to meet Kimber Lanning with the Local First Arizona organization. The principles that this organization supports have prompted me to consciously consider where I shop, dine and spend money in general. Whenever possible, I choose to eat at locally owned restaurants, shop at locally owned home improvement stores and so on.

Why do I make these choices? First, the service level and products are great, but I am also choosing to help a local business person. It has been proven that every dollar spent locally has three times the impact on the local economy. Locally owned businesses give back to the community, provide jobs, spend more and care more about their community.

You run a local business. Your taxes, payroll and community contribution help support our local community. You know the importance of supporting local businesses which, in turn, helps the community as a whole. As a business owner, you know that many local businesses are the “David’s fighting the Goliath’s” of this world. Too often, we don’t notice and value other locally owned businesses as they struggle to compete against large corporations.

This same principle holds true for banking. RepublicBankAz is the $90 million bank fighting the trillion dollar giants. We are predominantly a small business bank owned by 300 investors who are largely your friends and neighbors. Please join us in making a difference in Phoenix by shopping, dining and banking local – RepublicBankAz. We have been your neighbor since 2007.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can help convert you to a “localist”.


Ralph E. Tapscott President and CEO RepublicBankAz


Thanks Ralph for helping to spread the word about the impact of supporting local businesses! It's especially true that by moving your money to a local bank, you are making a big move to support local businesses and the community. Everyone wins when we make the commitment to support our neighbors, whether it's the corner market, the local restaurant, or your community bank.