Home Is Where the Heart Is

arizona-home-care-logoWhen unpredicted events happen to those we love, we yearn to provide the best care possible. One option that may be overlooked in the frenzy of urgent decisions and good intentions is the concept of home care. Home infusion therapy is a welcome option for children and adults with health issues who are comforted by the familiarity and warmth of home. Arizona Home Care offers home therapy and care to assist patients with prescribed medical treatments in the comfort of their home. In cooperation with physicians, a care plan is designed that specifies the type of infusion therapy required and the duration of the treatment.

AZ Home Care peopleExamples of home infusion provided by Arizona Home Care include: Chemotherapy, Antibiotics, Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN), Hydration, Pain Control, Line Maintenance, Growth Hormone, and Anticoagulation Therapy. With careful assessment and evaluation, Arizona Home Care’s skilled nursing professionals administer medications, are equipped to manage the most complex therapies, and are trained to educate the patient and/or caregivers on the various aspects of infusion therapy.

Arizona Home Care is recognized for their excellent patient outcomes and have been chosen as preferred providers for many of the Valley’s premier hospitals and healthcare networks. Visit Arizona’s Home Care’s website to learn more: www.azhomecare.com