Help Us Find a Furever Home for Akeila

Akeila 1The Local First Arizona office has welcomed a temporary fury friend to our office... sort of! We've signed on to virtually foster a cat through the Arizona Animal Welfare League (AAWL). Any business can sign on to this program, where you welcome in a "stand in" stuffed cat at your place of business to foster and help find a furever home. When a business or nonprofit virtually fosters a cat, they get a little tag at the cat's kennel to let passersby know that the business is doing something to help support a local nonprofit. AkeilaOur current foster is named Akeila. She is a sweet 11-year old with a sad story to tell. According to AAWL, "after spending 10 years with her family they decided to get a puppy; not nearly as exciting for a 10 year old declawed cat as for the rest of the family. Instead of finding a home for the new puppy that just joined the family (or considering Akeila's feelings first) they decided to turn in their family cat of 10 years instead." This experience has left Akeila a little confused, and she needs a "quiet home with a patient person, willing to let her trust and approach when she is ready."

If that sounds like you, please consider this great gal who has so much love to give! If you are interested in adopting Akeila or know someone who is, please contact the Arizona Animal Welfare League. You can access Akeila's full profile on the AAWL website here and searching for "Akeila" or her Animal ID: 22039144.