SLATHERlotions mixes up locally made and chemical-free lotions

Slather LotionsSince our skin is the largest organ of our body, what you put on it in terms of lotions and soaps, can get absorbed into the body. Whether you are looking to avoid chemicals in your skin care products or desiring something that offers a scent experience with aromatherapy benefits, SLATHERlotions may be just what the doctor ordered. At SLATHERlotions, small homemade batches of holistic face, body and hair care products are made in Chandler. Based on the power of plants, skin chemistry and aromatherapy benefits of scent, this locally-based skin and body care company hand blends and whips up premium products for your skin and hair. Formulas are inspired by nature and the power of plants  - the end result are holistic products so good for your skin, you can't help but slather it on! The products are sulfate, silicone and paraben free, and most are gluten free and vegan. By eliminating the high cost of packaging and using simple packaging such as classic apothecary and mason jar style bottles and vintage inspired brown labels, SLATHERlotions puts your hard earned money toward the goodness of what’s inside the bottle.

Since everyone has different hair, skin, allergies, sensitivities, and more, SLATHERlotions specializes and is passionate by creating products tailored to your specific needs. Visit their website to learn more about how you can transform your skin and hair regime into something that is made custom made just for you.

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