The Student Book Center Offers Local Alternative for ASU Students

This Local First Arizona member spotlight is on the Student Book Center: Student Book CenterFor those of us who are ASU alumni, you may recall your first experience at the Student Book Center. Freshman year: trolling the rows of books, searching for those required reads for your first set of classes and then the weight of having to haul them back to Manzanita or one of the Palo Verde dorms. Since 1967, this little gem has been the local, independent, family-owned bookstore serving Arizona State University. Their staff continues to provide a personal touch in conducting business and strives to keep their customers satisfied. It’s one of few the local bookstores that is heavily invested and goes to great lengths to ensure students are getting the lowest prices with a wide selection of used textbooks.

The Student Book Center also offers ASU merchandise, from apparel to spirit items, which are on trend and unique to their store. Additionally, their Greek life items are hand chosen based on what members want. If you’re heading back to school or sending your kids off to college for the first time, remember you have a choice when purchasing your text books and collegiate items – keep your dollars in Arizona by supporting family businesses such as the Student Book Center that have played a crucial role in building our community and providing a unique college experience for 47 years.

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