Top 3 Reasons to Go to the Farmers Market

Farmers Market Heirloom TucsonIt's National Farmers Market Week! Through August 9th, communities across the nation will celebrate by visiting their neighborhood markets for special events and interactive experiences. The number of farmers markets has more than quadrupled in the US in the last twenty years, as more and more people are seeking ways to find wholesome and local foods to use in their kitchens. In the spirit of celebration, we put the question to you - why do you love to go to your local farmers market? We received quite a few responses that can be drilled down into three main reasons:

1. Connecting with the people who make the food we eat.

Many of you mentioned that one of your favorite things about visiting the farmers market is getting to talk with the farmers who grow your food! You can pick their brains about the best way to prepare a certain vegetable or get delicious recipe ideas.

2. Finding foods that are unique and in season.

When you go to the farmers market, you know you are only getting the freshest and most wholesome foods around! 

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3. The feeling of community.

Farmers markets provide a unique sense of community that may be difficult to find otherwise. You get to see your neighbors and interact with a diverse group of people committed to healthy foods and healthy local economies!

Why do you love going to the farmers market? Let us know in the comments!