The Roasted Shallot Food Truck Embraces Seasonal, Locally Sourced Ingredients

This Local First Arizona member spotlight is on The Roasted Shallot: The Roasted ShallotPhoenix has been on the forefront of cities bringing to life the eclectic food truck craze that is taking over the country. One food truck in particular, The Roasted Shallot, embraces the angle of seasonal, locally sourced ingredients and healthy fare, providing a fun and exciting mobile food experience designed to satisfy any palate.

The Roasted Shallot is a concept developed over years of experience by the husband and wife team, Brooke Francis and Nathan Carel, both chefs and lovers of great food. Their passion for food drives them to make every dish as clean and delicious as possible, relying heavily on our local community to provide everything from farm fresh produce to financial planning.

The Roasted Shallot also works to raise overall environmental consciousness and is an example of responsible food production and service. They are involved in urban agricultural projects and actively participate in recycling, composting, and total utilization of resources. Whenever possible, they donate unused products to food banks and other programs to help feed those in need.

The Roasted Shallot’s specialty however is taking whole ingredients and transforming them into gourmet dishes using simple techniques that elevate and improve flavors without over processing or compromising the food. The result is a menu that boasts a simple, nutritious, and delicious menu.

Some noteworthy menu items include:

  • The Schreiners Ball Park Grilled Cheese – a hot dog and grilled cheese mashup
  • The Fried Pickled Pub Mix – pickled seasonal vegetables including cauliflower, chickpeas, radishes and carrots, lightly tossed in flour and fried.

Check out their website for the latest menu and where The Roasted Shallot will be camped out next.

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