The Flatiron

This is a northern Arizona member spotlight for The Flatiron in Jerome. flatiron-historicWhen you think of “The Flatiron” you probably think of the iconic building in New York City. But did you know that it is rumored in Jerome that the Flatiron Building pre-dates New York City’s Flatiron building by several years? The name "Flatiron" refers to an architectural design in the triangular shape of the heavy old flat irons that were once used to iron clothing. There are similar buildings across the country and Jerome is proud that the historic building still stands and functions today as a local business.

In the past century the Flatiron building has had many incarnations: first as The Arizona Lunchroom, then a nurse’s station, a needlework shop, a market, a bakery and finally began its current incarnation as a café in the early 1980’s as a satellite shop of Macy’s Coffee House, still located in Flagstaff, Arizona. The current owners purchased The Flatiron in 2012 and continue to carry the tradition of a unique dining experience featuring simple, fresh, delicious food and unforgettable espresso beverages.

menu_MODWith just 380 square feet of space, The Flatiron is not able to use the large food purveyors that bring in supplies for the larger restaurants. As a result, our menu is unique, based on whole foods with fresh, local, high quality ingredients. The Flatiron is committed to supporting local businesses. Our tortillas are handmade at Verde Lea Market in Cottonwood and our Organic San Francisco Sourdough bread comes from Pangaea Bakery located in Prescott. Much of our produce comes from Whipstone Farm in Paulden, Arizona, where the owners schedule pick-ups each week to get the freshest products.

The Flatiron bakes all their sweet-treats in house, much of it gluten-free. On a typical day you’ll find scones, quinoa breakfast blondies, banana polenta cake, vegan/gluten free chocolate chip cookies and triple chocolate brownies. Waffle Sundays are now a tradition at The Flatiron. Our waffles are gluten-free, multi-grain, made from scratch, and served with real butter and pure maple syrup, with a different flavor featured each week. They use Firecreek Coffee Company’s Boxcar Espresso blend for their house coffee. It is used for simple drip, espresso and cold brew Toddy. It is delivered fresh from the roaster each week and available for purchase in the cafe as well as in the online store. 

FlatironCafe-smMany local artists have rendered images of The Flatiron. Mark Hemleben (see image, right) and Cody DeLong are both featured at the café. The Flatiron is also the exclusive gallery for PhotoFlashbacks, the rare and unpublished 1960’s concert photography of the late Doug Hartley. As a freelance photographer Doug was given front row and backstage access to Phoenix area concerts including Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, Cream, Simon and Garfunkel, and Alice Cooper, just to name a few. In 1971, at the age of 21, Doug was killed in a tragic accident while riding his bicycle home late at night. After his death, his photographic slides were stored in the basement of his mother’s home where they stayed for three decades until her death. They were finally found by Doug’s sister Connie Lacey, a Jerome local, who has generously granted The Flatiron permission to display them. These unique photos have not been previously available to the public.

theflatThe Flatiron is open for Jerome Art Walk, the first Saturday of each month. Sweets and espresso are available from 5-8pm. If you want a perfect place to stay during Art Walk or on any trip to Jerome, there is an amazing space for rent above The Flatiron. The Flat is a 340 square foot studio located above the cafe. It is available for $159 per night or at a reduced rate of $1000 per week. Contact [email protected] for more information.