Help Create "The Arizona We Want" - Vote in the Arizona Primary Election

I voted One of the things that we love about local businesses is that they create a community we're proud to call home. But did you know that they can also help improve civic engagement?

A recent study found that "counties dominated by a few big firms have lower levels of social capital and less engaged citizens than those in which economic activity is dispersed across many locally owned businesses. ‘We find that residents of communities with highly concentrated economies tend to vote less and are less likely to keep up with local affairs, participate in associations, engage in reform efforts or participate in protest activities at the same levels as their counterparts in economically dispersed environments,’ they conclude.”

Many organizations across Arizona are working to increase voter turnout, especially in the Primary Election on August 26, 2014. You can be part of the action and help your neighbors remember to vote at the Arizona We Want and Expect More Arizona Day of Action on Saturday, August 9. Volunteers will help increase voter turnout in the Primary Election by canvassing key neighborhoods in Ahwatukee, Scottsdale, and Pinal County, and sharing information about important issues with Arizona voters.

Click here to participate in this important event and help your fellow citizens exercise their civic duty!

Remember to vote on or before Tuesday, August 26, in the Arizona Primary! Click here to find your polling location, or contact your County Recorder's office to find early voting locations near you.