Foster a Cat at Your Local Business!

aawl cat The Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA is proud to announce a wonderful new program for local businesses that will help homeless animals in their community, and provide wonderful marketing opportunities for the business.

“Kitty in the City” is a program that will place amazing cats in local businesses. Though this program is the first of its kind in Arizona, similar programs have seen success in other states.

The AAWL sometimes has cats that become stressed or uncomfortable in the shelter environment. AAWL strives to create a place that allows each cat to feel welcome and safe, but AAWL truly knows the best place for a cat is in a loving home — or the next best thing: a loving shop!

Your business will have the opportunity to:

  • Lower the feline euthanasia rate in Maricopa County
  • Increase adoptions, and provide a unique aspect to your local business
  • Attract new customers, create repeat customers, and provide an endless source of social media marketing ideas for both your business and AAWL's!

The program is elegant in its simplicity. A representative from the AAWL will come to your business with a catalog of their “kitties in the city” for your perusal. (Do you want a sassy white snowball, or maybe a shy calico to match your shop?) After your selection, the AAWL will bring you food, litter, and a cat condo, along with your newly selected kitty. If needed, they will happily provide your business with free litter and food for the entire time the kitty is staying with you.

You will love having a furry shop companion — who is sure to “woo” your patrons ... as well as help rescue other animals. Joining our program means more than just helping your community; you are changing lives. The kitty in your shop will lead a happier life ... and be given a chance at a better life, because of your kindness and compassion. You give them, if only for a short time, a place to call home. And that’s beautiful.

Sponsor a Virtual Cat

aawl cats 2

For businesses that are eager to participate but do not feel that they can adequately provide a suitable environment for a cat, AAWL has the answer! Very similar to simply sponsoring a kitty, your business would receive a virtual cat that, with your help, will find its perfect home while remaining at the shelter.

That’s it! AAWL just asks that you provide love and support for your new physical or virtual shop mate, and help promote their adoption at your location. If someone has fallen for your wonderful kitty, AAWL will help them complete the adoption, with no extra work for you!

Please consider being a part of this up-and-coming new program. By partnering with the Arizona Animal Welfare League & SPCA, you can help us pave the way for new and innovative ways to place homeless animals into loving homes.

Put Arizona's Homeless Cats to Work

Working Cats

In an effort to find even more homes for Arizona's stray cats, the Arizona Humane Society has launched their Working Cats Program. Their Working Cats, who aren't suited for indoor life, would love to spend their lives helping control your warehouse, ranch, mill, or barn's rodent population. All they ask for in return is shelter, food, water, and care! Click here for more information.