Pizza People Pub is Now a Nearly Zero-Waste Restaurant

Pizza People Pub PizzaLocal businesses are usually the ones setting the trends for their industries, especially in terms of sustainable practices. A prime example of this comes from Local First Arizona and Devour Phoenix member Pizza People Pub, who recently announced that they have become a nearly zero-waste restaurant! Food waste is one of the biggest obstacles to sustainability that the restaurant industry faces, so this is a huge achievement. "I have grown up in this industry and have always been bothered by the amount of food I have to throw away daily," said MaryBeth Scanlon, co-owner of Pizza People Pub. "Not only that, but the amount of cardboard and glass that restaurants throw into regular trash is staggering."

MaryBeth thought that there had to be another way besides the status quo of just throwing everything in the trash bins. She began searching for a solution, and in the midst of her search she was contacted by fellow Local First Arizona member Recycled City, a composting and recycling service. "We chose to collaborate with Recycled City for a couple of different reasons.  First, they make it so easy and affordable! I was also thrilled to hear that their composting process does not require water! It's a win-win for us desert dwellers."

Pizza People Waste Reduction

MaryBeth is ecstatic to be working with Recycled City to meet her business' sustainability goals, and goes on to talk about the importance of local business collaboration. "It is important to collaborate with other local businesses because I feel like they 'get it.' We are mostly all in the same boat struggling to build something meaningful as well as useful and profitable. My wish is to inspire the restaurant world to take similar action. The effect would be tremendous!"

Thanks MaryBeth and Pizza People Pub for setting the trend for sustainability in the restaurant industry! If you're interested in going green at your business or home, consider contacting Recycled City to see what your options are!