Terroir Seeds launches New School Fundraising Program

Agriculture and seeds provide the basis upon which our lives depend. We must protect this foundation as a safe and genetically stable source for future generations." Cindy and Stephen Scott, Terroir Seeds TerroirSeedsLogoThe Chino Valley based seed company, Terroir Seeds, is a true treasure for Arizona, and the rest of the nation. Cindy and Stephen Scott own and operate their business with a focus on providing the highest quality seed, the best personal service, and making a positive impact in the community. Heirloom seeds and vegetables are being re-discovered as container, raised bed, and backyard gardens are being planted more than ever. Flavor, growing your own food and knowing where your food comes from are some of the biggest reasons for the growth of these gardens, farmer’s markets and CSA’s.

Cindy and Stephen are continuing their community impact with a new program, starting this summer. Schools and organizations are constantly on the lookout for new and better ways to raise money. Terroir Seeds' new program provides a way for schools and organizations to raise money and educate students, parents and the public. The Grow With Us—A Seed Fundraising Program benefits schools, students and the gardening public. It's a win win and the program can be implemented anywhere and by any organization looking for a fun, creative, educational, and HEALTHY way to raise money.

Grow-With-Us-FundraisingSimilar to a typical fundraising program, Grow With Us offers organizations to sell a product and receive a profit share at the end of the sales program. Organizations or schools receive 50% of what is sold, and there are a variety of seed packages offered. Each package sells for $10 each and vary from a sunflower garden package (which includes a variety of sunflowers for beautification and seed harvesting, to a pizza garden (which includes herbs and vegetables for pizza), to a fresh salad garden and even a package of seeds that are just fun to grow. You can check out the full details of the program packet here, and see how the seed packages vary and how the program works.

But unlike most typical fundraising programs, selling heirloom seeds does so much more for the community. Selling seeds, and becoming familiar with the seed package offerings, can stimulate students’ interest in gardening, health, nutrition, soil education and plant diversity. The program could turn several of these young students in Arizona, and beyond, into Locavores, because how food is grown, prepared and harvested all starts with a seed. 

Handful-of-seedTerroirThanks for establishing such a unique program, Cindy and Stephen! We look forward to growing with you and hope that some of our organizations will take you up on this fun opportunity to raise funds for their causes! For more information, contact Cindy or Stephen at (888) 878-5247 or visit www.underwoodgardens.com