Ready to be a hero?

wishlist_hero_kidOne of the things we love best about working with Arizona's local businesses is their commitment to the communities that they call home, especially with charitable causes. Some studies have found that small businesses donate about twice as much per employee to charitable organizations as large businesses, showing that local businesses have a deeper commitment and understanding of the impact they can make on their local community in regards to helping fellow community members.  Local First Arizona Wish List Hero continues this trend. is a website that empowers anyone to become a hero and impact their community. Wish List Hero helps nonprofit organizations share their greatest needs for items, projects, and programs year-round.

It has never been easier to help out a local charity. In just five minutes, you can click from your couch and impact your favorite cause. You simply go to the site, pick a charity, review their needs, and choose what to give. Could you give a new doll to a child at Ronald McDonald House or provide peanut butter for puppies at the Humane Society? Sure you can! Congratulations, you are a hero!

You and everyone you know can support in three ways. You can:

1. Provide the tangible items that are in need 2. Donate money online toward granting a wish 3. If you want to really increase your can start a Hero Campaign with your friends and family to support a larger item!

The site includes a wide variety of fantastic organizations that grows each week. Wish List Hero already has more than 100 wishes waiting to be granted! Are you ready to be a hero? Visit the website and see what you can do for your community.