Heirloom Farmers Markets Teams Up with Chefs, Igniting Passion for Local Food and Benefiting Tucson Restaurants

Heirloom Farmers Markets is teaming up with outstanding local chefs from Tucson’s top restaurants to share the rich flavors of local food and mouthwatering recipes.  Every Sunday at the new Rillito Park Farmers Market, patrons will discover a new chef and experience freshly prepared gourmet dishes. 

"Summers are tough on all of us, so being able to reach out and increase awareness of our restaurant is a great opportunity,” says Maria Mazon of Boca, the featured chef for Sunday, July 20. “Plus, it's just fun to be at the Sunday Heirloom Farmers Market.”

Heirloom Farmers Market

Heirloom Farmers Markets recently launched Tucson’s largest farmers market at Rillito Park.  With over 70 vendors on Sunday mornings from 8am to 12pm, the market is filled with freshly harvested produce and locally made foods.

Bringing local chefs into the action inspires patrons with fresh ideas and generates business at Tucson restaurants, where traffic can be notoriously slow during the hot summer months. 

Heirloom Farmers Market 2“Our new farmers market space allows us to connect with local restaurants to provide them with a great chance to promote their food,” says Heirloom Farmers Market Executive Director, Manish Shah.  “It also gives the chefs an opportunity to see what's available at the markets for them to use in their kitchens.  And of course the customers love how they can taste so many different ways market ingredients can be prepared.”

With an ever-growing calendar of exciting local food events in the works, Heirloom Farmers Markets is leading the way in generating a vibrant local food community.

The Sunday Farmers Market is from 8am - 12pm in the summer months and is located at Rillito Park, 4502 N. 1st. Ave. Follow Heirloom Farmers Markets on Facebook for the latest updates on visiting chefs.