Barrett Propane

This is a northern Arizona member spotlight for Barrett Propane in Prescott. barretttruck

Barrett Propane is an independent, locally owned and operated propane company located in Prescott and serving all of Yavapai County. Their experienced and friendly employees deliver clean, efficient energy to customers in a safe and reliable manner. The Barretts pride themselves on their hometown service... it's just the service that have kept them in business for over 50 years and throughout three generations!

Barrett Propane truly takes it commitment to the community seriously, knowing that they live among their customers. They strive to participate in community volunteering opportunities, sponsorships and giving back whenever they can toward causes in which they believe.

barrettgrouppinktrucksmallBarrett Propane is a strong supporter of breast cancer awareness and to make a statement, they added a big pink propane truck to their fleet. They figured that this is bound to draw attention to the cause and they were excited to make such a statement.  The logo of the BreastCare Center at Yavapai Regional Medical Center is on the truck and they want to promote awareness about this disease and the fight for a cure in the community. In fact, they are donating a penny for every gallon they pump through this truck to the BreastCare Center at YRMC. For the year ended September 30, 2013, they donated $3,609.95 to the BreastCare Center at YRMC. Amazing!

Because one special cause and one special truck just are not enough, Barrett also has a Veteran's Truck.  It operates in much the same manner as the pink truck, in that a penny per gallon pumped through the truck will be donated to local veteran's causes.  The artwork on the truck recognizes all branches of the military with land based operations on one side and air and sea on the other. The hope is to raise local awareness and recognition for our veterans as well as help out financially.


When comparing offers from various companies please keep in mind the following facts: Barrett offers a free tank installation and discounted tank rental and special first fill pricing. They only charge state and county tax because they are in an unincorporated area of the county. They fully refund prebuy as an option at the expiration of the term and they have no delivery, environmental, hazmat or other fees associated with regularly scheduled deliveries. They also offer a TLC Plan, where they install a monitor on the tank that communicates with them every night, letting them know the level of propane in the tank. This ensures that you never run out! Also, they are locally owned and operated and all of their competition in the area is out-of-state, and they truly care about the community!

Barrett Propane is located at 1555 W. Iron Springs Rd. # 5 in Prescott and can be reached at and by calling 928-636-1600.