Local First Arizona Switches to National Processing Solutions

Even here at Local First Arizona, we're still finding ways to go local! npslogowebWe're proud to announce that we have just switched all of our merchant accounts and processing to Local First Arizona member NPS - National Processing Services. With offices in Phoenix and Cottonwood, NPS serves businesses across the state and is one of the fastest growing electronic payment companies in the United States. 

As the "Go Local" organization, making the switch to NPS was a no brainer. What sweetens the deal is that we will be saving money with this switch. NPS's processing fees are highly competitive and a small fraction of what some of the major companies charge. As a nonprofit, every cent counts, so this means we can direct our savings to further building Local First Arizona programming!

Payments In KindOne of the things we love about working with local businesses is their commitment to the community, and NPS is no different. NPS has a program called "Payments in kind," a community give back program. Their website summarizes the program: "we will commit and donate 20% of our gross revenue to any charity of your choice, we will do this on a reoccurring monthly basis and we will donate it in your businesses name." All you have to do is select the charity or organization of your choice and swipe your customers' credit cards. Then NPS will automatically donate 20% of those revenues in your business' name! NPS makes it easy for any business, big or small, to have an impact on their local community.

NPS also offers the ability for mobile payments. By just downloading an app to your smartphone and using the hardware provided by NPS, you're ready to take payments on the go. Whether we're taking payments for memberships at the office or selling Local First Arizona swag at the farmers markets, all of our payments will come in through the same processor, which will make tracking payments easy and effortless! 

about-movement-360With just this one switch, we're keeping all of our processing fees here in Arizona, which adds up to a lot of dollars circulating in the local economy! This means those dollars are working for us, hiring local Arizonans who then in turn contribute to the local economy. Making the switch to local at your business is all about closing loopholes to keep those dollars circulating in our communities and benefiting the entire state. Click here to learn more about the economic impact of going local.

We're glad we made the switch to local merchant processing! Thinking of making the switch to local at your business?! Browse our directory for business services or contact Helene Tack and we'll help you find local business services in your area!