A Perfectly Framed Piece

This Local First Arizona member spotlight is on Image and Frame Eric_Lynn_Square_v2Looking for a full service custom picture frame shop or an in-house digital print studio to transform your photographs into beautifully printed and framed pieces? The team at Image & Frame has gained a solid reputation for its one-on-one customer service, working closely with artists and individuals and offering over 80 canvases and fine art paper to create beautiful prints as well as high quality art reproductions.

Not only does the digital print side of Image & Frame help artists and photographers fine tune their work before the final printing, they’re also a one-stop-shop for custom picture frames. Their framing capabilities include custom finishing, gilding, conservation and restoration, as well as everything else you'd expect from a fine picture framing facility.

With thousands of standard profiles readily available or a custom craft frame exactly to your specifications, your final art piece will be cared for by experts who are skilled in the craft. With a background in archival framing and a commitment to using only premium papers, conservation-quality coatings, and quality frames you can be sure you’re getting the best product available so your artwork will last for generations!