The Top 12 Localist News Headlines From May

newspaperWe're always following the news to find the latest headlines about local businesses here at home and around the country (so you don't have to!). Here is a selection of the top 12 localist headlines from last month that you don't want to miss. 1. Fresh living: Farmers markets connect urban consumers to the earth - This USA Today article shows the positive impact farmers markets are having on urban cities. Read more.

2. Adaptive reuse sparing iconic buildings from wrecking ball - Cronkite News delves into the benefits of adaptive reuse projects for historic buildings and the communities they reside in. They also touch on the work Local First Arizona has done to improve and streamline the Adaptive Reuse process at the City of Phoenix. Read more.

3. Phoenix among top cities for small businesses - The Phoenix Metro area is ranked among the top 25 cities for small businesses according to the Phoenix Business Journal. It was also announced this month that Phoenix was named the number 2 destination in the country for trade shows and events. Read more.

4. Ten Reasons to Consume Local Foods - Living Green Magazine counts down the reasons why eating local is the best way to eat. We especially agree with reason #10! Read more.

5. Arizona summer tourism campaign focuses on statewide destinations - The Phoenix Business Journal highlights the Arizona Office of Tourism's summer tourism campaign to demonstrate that Arizona is a great place to vacation during the summer (it's true!). Read more.

6. Napa, Shmapa! Jerome, Arizona is the New Wine Country - Yahoo! Travel has discovered Arizona wine country, and they love it. They give you a quick guide on the best way to experience Arizona's northern wine country in Jerome in the Verde Valley. Read more.

7. Rural Small Businesses Hurt by Decline of Local Banks - According to Switch to Community, a new study out demonstrates how important it is to bank locally, especially in rural communities. Read more.

8. The 4th Somewhat Annual Phoenix Independents Bowl - Local revibe Magazine covers the return of Phoenix Independents Bowl, an amateur bowling tournament that will bring together local bands, independent businesses and fans of Arizona's local scene in a battle to determine the best bowlers in Arizona. Read more.

9. Splicity aims to advance video storytelling - A new app developed locally in Arizona is available in the Apple App Store that allows you to tell stories in a compelling visual manner. Read more.

10. Arizona Rural Policy Forum Slated - The Payson Roundup announces the upcoming Rural Policy Forum will be held in Globe, Arizona, this coming August. The Forum will connect rural economic development professionals, nonprofits, community leaders, business owners, and other rural stakeholders who are interested in sustaining rural communities. Read more.

11. 10 best city art districts around the USA - USA Today says that The Roosevelt Row Arts District (RoRo) in downtown Phoenix is one of the country's best arts districts, describing it as a walkable, creative district bedecked with galleries, quirky shops and exhibits by both up-and-coming and old favorite artists. Read more.

12. Tucson council approves downtown entertainment district - The Arizona Daily Star reports on the upcoming formation of downtown Tucson's entertainment district. More info.

What important news stories did you read last month about local businesses? Let us know in the comments!