Something to Hoot About

This is a Local First Arizona business member spotlight on Co+Hoots CohootsIf you haven’t yet heard of Co+Hoots, downtown Phoenix's largest coworking community, now is the time to catch up on this great connection, especially if you’re an artist, a home business, or even a start up. Co+Hoots is a shared office location that promotes collaboration and provides a professional, self-sustaining space to create. With Co+Hoots you have access to a community of local-minded and business-focused people, who are able to collaborate on projects, share resources and generate more successful businesses. Co+Hoots also recently announced that it plans to launch a charitable nonprofit arm which focuses on building business educational opportunities, nurturing a stronger coworking community and providing pro bono service to the nonpro?t sector. To accommodate their vision, Co+Hoots has plans to expand their location on 11th Street and  Washington Street. Visit the Co+Hoots website ( and the Co+Hoots Foundation website ( to learn more about its upcoming nonprofit project.

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