The Way of the Sword

This is a Local First Arizona business member spotlight on Sabaku Henkei Dojo sabaku bannerIf you’re looking for something different to kick-start your summer work out plan, Mesa-based Sabaku Henkei Dojo offers a great way to sharpen your mind, add a new skill set and fortify your body using the strategies and concepts of the samurai. The program emphasizes classical Japanese sword principles taught in a variety of techniques and drills for a full body workout that also builds your skill and competency using a sword. Using styles that emphasize the concept of “katsujinken,” which means the life-giving sword, your sword journey offers an exciting and engaging way to build your strength, stamina, and understanding of samurai history. Classes are ongoing and lead by two NSCA certified trainers who have close to 20 years experience teaching Japanese swordsmanship. Unleash the warrior within you at Sabaku Henkei Dojo, details at

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