Gold Wolff Jewelers

This is a northern Arizona member spotlight for Gold Wolff Jewelers in Flagstaff Wolff FamilyPete Wolff has lived in Flagstaff for over 30 years and he knows his customers. The owner and operator of Gold Wolff Jewelers, runs the business with his family, Regina and Caitlin. Pete is a Certified Senior Bench Jeweler and Caitlyn is also a Certified Bench Jeweler, while Regina runs the business operations of Gold Wolff. The family has a long history of providing excellent customer service that keeps their northern Arizona customers coming back year after year.

Wolff JewelryGold Wolff specializes in jewelry sales, design and repairs. They can fix just about anything, whether it be a piece of your favorite jewelry, a watch or special cleanings for any of your unique pieces. The store offers a wide variety of unique, fine jewelry for sale, and can also make a specialty piece just for you. So the next time you're looking for something custom for that extra special someone, stop in and talk to the Wolffs about what you have in mind. They have years of experience creating one-of-a-kind engagement rings, wedding bands, pendants and more and they can help design the statement piece you've been waiting for!

GoldWolffInteriorBesides jewelry design, sales, repair and cleaning, Gold Wolff Jewelers also offers a number of other services. The team can do customized engravings, on anything from wine bottles to wood, to dog tags and other items that need to make more of a statement. They can even make custom badges, and have done so for many professional organizations throughout the region. Lastly, don't forget that they also do appraisals. So if you have that special family heirloom and you've always wondered what it's worth, take it into Gold Wolff and let them assess and appraise it for you!
Gold Wolff Jewelers is a one-stop shop for all your jewelry needs in the Flagstaff area. They are active and long-time members of the Flagstaff Independent Business Alliance and are active in the local business community in Flagstaff and Coconino County. If you're in Flagstaff, stop in and see what they have to offer in their 1500 E. Cedar Ave. location (near Brandy's Restaurant & Bakery), or you can also check out their online store, or visit their Facebook page, or the website at