Traveling Locally is a Big Boost to the Arizona Economy

travel and Tourism works for AZThanks to the Arizona Office of Tourism, we know the positive impact tourism can have on our local economy. The billions of dollars spent by tourists in all 15 counties contribute to the creation of thousands of jobs, economic development opportunities, and increased tax revenues. Here's something to think about: What if Arizonans spent their own tourism dollars in Arizona? Currently, Arizonans spend $6 billion collectively each year vacationing in California. Arizona has so many varied climates, landscapes, communities, landmarks, and more to see. From Arizona's Salsa Trail in Graham County to the Grand Canyon, from wine country in southern Arizona and the Verde Valley to Organ Pipe National Monument in Ajo, Arizona is dotted with amazing experiences just ready for you to explore.

If Arizonans directed just 10% of the dollars they spend on travel to within Arizona's borders, it could make a huge impact, especially on Arizona's rural communities. 

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