Member Spotlight: Habitation Realty

This is a member spotlight on Habitation Realty habitation realtyHabitation Realty was started in 2007 by Mik White and Alex Mastrangelo, two longtime friends with a common interest in vintage aesthetics. The two partners believe that by re-purposing and restoring older homes we truly understand the past and the people that lived then. Additionally,  the reuse of vintage homes means a truly green experience by not wasting resources on building new homes.

Tucson is a city that values its culture and heritage. Everywhere in the downtown core are reminders of our past - such as the restored and reconstructed Presidio which hosts frequent re-enactments of the Spanish garrison once housed there; turn of the century homes available for events and tours including the Ziegler Mansion, The Charles Brown House, The Rosalia Verdigo House, The Owl Club Mansion, Old Fort Lowell, a U.S. military frontier outpost; and many more. The Habitation offices are housed in a restored 1920's adobe just steps away from the heart of downtown Tucson.   With the pervasive passion in the Tucson community for vintage homes and properties, Habitation thrives.

Habitation supports local vendors by using  local suppliers for our Property Management and Real Estate business including local cleaning companies, a local exterminator (St Patrick's and Arizona Exterminating), local painters, local home inspectors, and many more. Habitation is truly a local, homegrown company dedicated to helping preserve Tucson's past and growing it's future.

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