Excellence in Localism: Arizona Home Care

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 11.50.33 AMHere at Local First Arizona, we continually challenge our business members to "Go Local." If we're asking consumers and individuals to go local and support local businesses, it is only fair to ask our local businesses to support each other as well. This further closes the loopholes that allow money to leave Arizona, and keeps more money in the local economy, when individuals and businesses work together to go local. Sometimes we find that our members go above and beyond this call to action. One such member is Arizona Home Care, the largest family owned home health agency in the Valley, caring for over 500 Arizonans at any time. Recently, their marketing team has shifted a large portion of their spending on food, coffee, and goods to local vendors. They also utilize local restaurants and coffee shops for their catering needs. They even share with their customers why they shop local for them.

"We have shifted the economy to introduce competition," said Michelle Rundio of Arizona Home Care. "We partner with local private practice cardiologists to help their practice succeed. By distributing technology and medicines that would otherwise only be provided by our corporate competitors, we have enabled local cardiology practices to reduce expenditures. They have remained viable, locally owned businesses despite reimbursement changes, because we want to see them succeed."

With any business, it is easy to find ways to go local and support other local businesses. Arizona Home Care got right to work by identifying where they could support local businesses and quickly acting to forge new business relationships.

"We believe in the power of choice.  The only way to preserve patient choice or customer choice is by supporting competition," said Rundio. "Local business brings competition and keeps prices fair. We have found that our customers and employees have an easy time changing their spending habits once they know where to go and how to do it!"

Thanks to Arizona Home Care for making the shift and for spreading the word to their employees and customers about the importance of supporting local businesses!