City of Bisbee bans plastic bags in observance of Earth Day

BisbeeBisbee banned the use of plastic bags on April 22! A four year effort to ban plastic bags came to fruition on April 22. Since that date, businesses no longer are allowed to dispense plastic bags and will have to offer paper bags if customers do not bring their own reusable bags. It is hoped that other communities in Arizona will follow this example and work towards the elimination of plastic bags. To mark the importance of the plastic bag ban to our community the Mayor of Bisbee, Adriana Badal, headed a team of volunteers to clean up the 'Arizona flags' marring the landscape of Bisbee. In addition to cleaning areas, the group handed out 1000 reusable bags throughout the three main districts of Bisbee.

Congratulations to Bisbee on their efforts! Remember to take a reusable bag with you to your favorite Bisbee local businesses next time you're out shopping.