ICON14: More than just a small business conference

Local First Arizona Membership Coordinator Thomas Barr attended ICON14 on behalf of Local First Arizona last week. Here is a recap of his experience:  ICON2

Given the opportunity to represent Local First Arizona at ICON14 last week, I prepared myself for a conference focused solely on content and software-specific strategy from the experts at the small-business-focused marketing software company based out of Chandler. The knowledge I walked away with was so much more. Quickly learning that Infusionsoft has grown from 120 to over 500 employees in the past 4 years I was shocked. I was surprised to learn that this 10 year old company and sustaining member of LFA has been progressing in such a stride so recently. I was blown away by the hospitality and unique culture exhibited through all of the Infusionsoft employees on grounds at The Phoenix Convention Center. They certainly did not need matching blue shirts that read "Your Business is our Art."

The sweet Local First Arizona booth at ICON14!

Participating in the featured "Ask the Experts" opportunity that was made available all 3 days of the conference, the individuals I spoke with assisted me past my expectations, and I didn't make it easy for them. Although one person did not know the exact answer to my in-depth questions, they went out of their way to find the person that did and worked through our organization's membership strategy to help implement a solution, truly practicing everything they preach. Special shout outs to Michael Fairchild, Nick Saunders and Brian Hatch for their incredible assistance.

In addition to the excellent breakout tracks I attended focusing on tagging and segmentation, streamlining manual workflows, life-cycle marketing, and the best strategies for optimizing the use of Infusionsoft, the key-note speakers left me with even more ideas and inspiration to continue assisting our organization to reach the next level. Simon Sinek, Seth Godin and and JJ Ramberg all gave powerful presentations on leadership, treating different people differently and small business success stories.


However, the speaker that resonated the fullest to me was Peter Shankman. He told his story of entrepreneurship in which he took his last $1800 of rent money in 1998 and made over $100,000 selling t-shirts that read "It Sank, Get Over It" with a picture of The Titanic on it after first being released on video. After covering his major points of branding everything you do, being transparent, maintaining relevance, and always staying connected with your network, he stressed that none of that matters if you don't have amazing customer service and treat people well. How important would your social media strategy be in your business if you treated your clients terribly?

Infusionsoft did a fantastic job of motivating every attendee to return home and put into action the inspiration and knowledge gained through ICON14. If you are interested in learning more about using Infusionsoft for your business, please contact me and I will give you a great testimonial and connect you to their team.