Localists Get Inside Scoop, Tour, at the Historic Hotel Valley Ho

HVH Pool Localists spent a relaxing Sunday getting a behind-the-scenes tour of the amazing Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale. This historic property opened in 1956 and was the spot for Hollywood folks to enjoy a getaway. The hotel housed actors, baseball players and airline employees, which we’re sure resulted in a lot of interesting stories. After changing hands a few times (ask to see photos of the hotel when it was a Ramada) the hotel closed for many years. It saved from the wrecking ball in 2003 and renovated with strict attention to preserving the architecture and mid-century modern style.


Our fantastic tour guide was Ace Bailey, who knows about all things Scottsdale including waterskiing in the canals. We started in the lobby, where we learned some fun facts like how during construction, one of the glass windows shattered so the glass was quickly recycled and now makes its home as the fuel in the lobby’s fireplace. The bar leads into the hotel’s restaurant, Café Zuzu, where you can find the culinary creations of Chef Charles Wiley, who has been part of the property since its renovation. We visited a guest room which is decked out in modern style. Attention to detail is everyone – photographs of desert flora by a local photographer, stylish air conditioning vents, colored glass in the bathrooms. The rooms are incredibly quiet, even with music playing and a large crowd gathered at the pool just outside the room.

HVH Penthouse

The two highlights of the tour were getting to spend some time on the rooftop and visiting the Presidential Suite. The rooftop has one of the most amazing views we’ve seen with an eagle’s eye view of downtown Scottsdale, the skyline of downtown Phoenix and the mountains that surround the Valley of the Sun. The rooftop is used as an event space and has our vote for the coolest spot in town for a reception or any type of party. The two-story Presidential Suite was decked out in the finest modernist trappings and it was so impressive that we had to do a headcount of Localists when we left the room as a few hinted about hiding out in the closet to get the full luxury experience. We also visited the VH Spa for Vitality + Health, which I can assure you from personal experience has the best treatments in the town.

HVH Roof

Arizonans should be proud to have such an amazing hotel in the state. The Hotel Valley Ho is an important part of connecting Scottsdale’s past with its present, and offering a unique experience for guests. Consider this great property for your summer staycation (rates start at $89!), for your next meeting or for a fun day at the pool. If you would like to take a tour, the cost is $19.56, in reference to the year the hotel was founded, and you can make reservations by calling the concierge at 480.248.2000. Want to join Local First Arizona on awesome tours and events like this one? Become a Localist today!