A Dirty Word

This Local First Arizona Member Spotlight is on No Nit Noggins no nit nogginsYou’re strolling along in the supermarket and suddenly you notice there’s something moving in your child’s hair. Upon further investigation, low and behold, there’s a lice party happening on his/her scalp. Lice is a dirty word for most parents but did you know lice can live in clean hair and is primarily caused by contact with someone who has lice? There are currently several treatments for lice: chemicals which poison the lice; suffocants which suffocate the lice; home remedies such as mayo and olive oil; manual removal-such as combing every single strand of hair with a louse comb; and dessicatoin that dehydrates the lice.

For Valley parents who may find themselves faced with the ick factor of little bugs setting up shop in their child’s hair, consider No Nit Noggins, which offers a safer and more effective head lice treatment using the innovative AirAlle', a head lice removal technology that kills head lice and the eggs in one single “30 Minute” treatment, naturally, without the use of harmful chemicals. Visit No Nit Noggin’ website to learn more about the all natural, non-toxic AirAlle treatment.

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