Plant Trees, Grow Communities, Put Down Roots

This Member Spotlight is on the Arizona Community Tree Council Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 3.01.38 PM

Do you remember the “Five Cs” of Arizona – the core components of Arizona’s economy when it first became a state?  If the recollection is fuzzy, they were: climate, cattle, copper, cotton, and citrus. While the Arizona landscape is often regarded as two extremes: a sprawling desert or a concrete jungle, trees have and continue to play an essential role in the identity and well-being of our Arizona homestead.

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 3.03.15 PMThe Arizona Community Tree Council is a nonprofit organization that has spent over 20 years dedicated to the care and planting of trees, the exchange of information about trees and the vital role they play in the Arizona urban environment. The Council is passionately committed to educating people, communities, and tree care professionals with current information on planting trees, caring for trees, as well as educating the importance of trees for our health, our environment, our future and to Arizona's legacy.

The Council is composed of representatives from individual Arizona counties, tribal communities, government agencies, professional organizations and other individuals who have a statewide interest in the Council's mission. If you are looking for answers on what kind of tree you should plant or how to tend to one that isn’t looking so hot, The Arizona Community Tree Council is just the resource you need.

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