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This is a northern Arizona member spotlight for RisingHy Specialty Gourmet Sauces

RisingHylogoMike Konefal delved into hot sauce making by chance, when a friend gave him a hot sauce kit while at Northern Arizona University. It was after many experiments and trials of different recipes on his friends and family that the RisingHy habanero hot sauce was born. Thus, from then on, once the recipe was dialed in, Mike moved forward and started his first business, focusing on making RisingHy sauces so that he could share them with the world.

rising-hy-package-1Based in Flagstaff, RisingHy is based out of its Fourth Street facility and produces the pioneering habanero hot sauce. But now, the business has already expanded to offer its own Sweet Hot Honey Mustard, Habanero Olive Oil and Citrus Habanero Salt, comically dubbed "Devil Salt." They also make a milder version to offer those who might not want the heat. The GreenGo Sauce is a mix of tomatillo and roasted jalapeno sauce with fresh lime and it's a perfect companion for all your dishes.

From its humble beginnings as the brainchild of a passionate NAU student, Mike has grown RisingHy so much so that it can be found in restaurants and grocery stores all across the state, and even beyond. Find it at Sprouts locations throughout Arizona, at local food co-ops like Food Conspiracy in Tucson, and at New Frontiers and Bashas. If you're in Flagstaff, swing by Coppa Cafe (owned by Brian Konefal, Mike's brother), for a taste of delicious European fare and the hot sauce in one stop! For a full list of where you can purchase it, you can check out the RisingHy website.

tortilla-lady-logoSpeaking of expansion, RisingHy is also recently announced that it merged with Tortilla Lady, a local Flagstaff business producing handmade tortillas and gorditas for nearly fifteen years. Instead of letting that brand disappear, Mike thought it would be a good move to preserve it and merge it with his own business. As a part of this merger with Tortilla Lady, RisingHy now has a commercial kitchen to mass-produce its sauces, and the team also feels good that they are conserving a local brand and letting it grow.

Although they are in a bigger kitchen, all of our sauces are still handmade and even bottled and packaged. However, growth is always on the forefront with Mike Konefal... He's looking to take his brand out of Flagstaff and across the country...even across international borders. Good luck!

Visit RisingHy online at www.risinghy.com, find out where you can buy it here, and for further questions, call (928) 853-3810 or stop into the shop located at 2114 N. 4th St. in Flagstaff.

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