Support the Earth: 8 Ways to Go Local for Earth Day

Sustainability is certainly the buzz word surrounding Earth Day. And while environmental sustainability is crucial to the wellbeing of our planet, we cannot forget about the economic sustainability of our local communities. Here we have collected 8 ways for you to go local all while supporting environmental sustainability, killing two birds with one stone... err... rather keep all those birds thriving in a wholesome sustainable ecosystem!

1. Eat Local

Eat Local

When we source our food locally, we're not only supporting Arizona's local farmers, ranchers, and food producers, but we are putting less stress on the environment by supporting small-scale farms. Find a local farmers market near you or join a local Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.

2. Buy Locally Made Eco-Friendly Products

truce fair Image via Truce's Facebook Page

Quite a few of our members work to bring eco-friendly products to you, such as household cleaners, skin care items, art, and more. Click here to check out our green Local First Arizona member businesses!

3. Take Public Transportation 


Ditch the car and hop on public transportation to get to your next destination. Or pledge to use public transit to get to work for a week, a month, or a year!

4. Tune Up Your Bike at a Local Bike Store

oridnary bike shop Image via Ordinary Bike Shop's Facebook Page

If you don't have access to public transit, use human power to get you to your next destination (and while the weather is still nice!). Make sure to first get your bike tuned up with a local bike shop.

5. Install Solar Panels at Your Home or Business

sun valley solar Image via SunHarvest Solar & Electrical's Facebook Page

Support renewable energy and local businesses – install solar panels! They are also a great option for providing shade in your parking lot! Check out your solar power options here.

6. Plant a Tree from a Local Nursery

pomegranate tree

Let those carbon hogging trees do their trick! Check out our listings forPlant NurseriesTree Service, and Gardening Supplies and Consultants. Tip: plant shade trees close to your house to reduce your energy use!

7. Purchase Your Outfit from a Resale or Vintage Store

buffalo exchange Image via Buffalo Exchange's Facebook Page

New clothing requires natural resources to produce, and can travel thousands of miles from production point to register. Next time, visit a local vintage or resale store to buy an eco-friendly outfit!

8. Attend a Local Event to Celebrate Earth Day

keep phoenix beautiful Image via Keep Phoenix Beautiful's Facebook Page

Many Local First Arizona members are planning their own Earth Day celebrations, so celebrate with them! Click here to view the list.