Planning the Perfect Getaway

This Member Spotlight is on Arizona River Runners arizona river runners

Escape from the everyday with a Grand Canyon rafting trip of a lifetime. Enjoy views of soaring canyon walls, historic Indian ruins, wildlife, astonishing side canyon hikes and the world's most famous whitewater. The team at Arizona River Runners are passionate about sharing the unique environment of the Grand Canyon and preserving it for future generations of adventurers and families. Comprised  of extremely knowledgeable, capable and personable guides, Arizona River Runners will help set your animal spirit free and allow you to rediscover the freedom of the outdoors.

Take a thrilling jump off a waterfall, navigate the greatest whitewater in North America, share the day’s stories over a delicious meal with family and friends, watch the sun set behind the rim of the Canyon, and fall asleep under the stars. Arizona River Runner’s humble beginnings in the 1970s helped open the doors of the modern adventure vacation, making whitewater rafting through the Grand Canyon accessible to anyone with the desire and a willing spirit. Experience a Grand Canyon rafting trip of a lifetime – visit the Arizona River Runner’s website today to plan your vacation!

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