The 100 Dishes Tucson Can't Live Without

Tucson's 100 Essential Dishes is the cover story in the latest Tucson WeeklyIt's no surprise, to those of us that love local food, to see so many Local First AZ members featured in that list.  Proper made the list twice with their Prop Prop Wings and Curried Lamb Stew.  Our friends at Diablo Burger/Good Oak Bar were called out for The Blake Burger and their Frickles.

While downtown has several food superstars, others that made the list came from all over the map including the Green Corn Waffle at Mother Hubbard's Cafe, the Cornish Lamb Pasties out at Noble Hops and the Ostrich at Jonathan's Cork.  Check out these dishes in person and read the article to see all the other amazing dishes our members have to offer.   You can also catch Proper, Diablo, Mother Hubbard's and many more at the April 6th Viva La Local Food Festival.

To see all 100 Essential Dishes, click here. Warning: This will make you extremely hungry.