3 Ways to Get Your Taxes Done and Support Your Local Community

If you're like most people, you're probably sitting there wondering how it's already April and worrying about getting your taxes filed on time (the deadline is April 15, by the way!). You have no need to worry if you follow these three steps to getting your taxes done easily, all while supporting the local economy!

1. Hire a local accountant 

IRS 1040 Tax Form Being Filled Out kenteegardin via Compfight cc

There are many talented tax accountants ready to help you file your taxes. Not only will you be relaxed knowing you have a professional to help you figure everything out, but you will have that good feeling knowing that you've kept more money in the local economy by hiring one of your fellow community members. Click here for a list of certified local accountants.

2. Are you a tax or accounting expert? Volunteer your time


If you already know everything there is to know about filing your taxes (or you've already filed your taxes for this year), volunteer your time helping others prepare their taxes. Click here to learn about becoming a certified volunteer, or to learn if you qualify for free tax preparation assistance.

3. Spend your tax refund locally

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If you have some cash left over after putting some of your tax return into your savings account (c'mon, you know that's the responsible thing to do!), make your splurge with a local business. Whether it's that new restaurant you've been meaning to try or that pair of shoes you've been eyeing for the past two months, keep it local! Don't worry, we have plenty of recommendations of where you can spend your money.

Tax Day doesn't have to be a cumbersome or terrifying thing when you know you can have a positive impact on your community. Let us know how you went local for Tax Day in the comments!