Local businesses in Phoenix can help with youth unemployment this summer

city of phoenixAs a local business, have you thought about creating a summer internship program to take advantage of the youthful talent in the Phoenix-area? The City of Phoenix is launching a new program that could reimburse up to 50% of that summer internship cost in an effort to introduce young people to the local workforce.  This program will have multiple benefits for our community as a whole. A summer internship will give young people a useful outlet to expend their energies. A summer internship is a great opportunity for a young person to gain valuable work experience that can help with college applications or future employment. And by connecting young people to the local workforce, they will have a greater chance of finding a job in Arizona, where they can build a life and contribute to the local economy. 

Find details about getting your business involved below, if you're interested please contact the city no later than March, 28!

Summer Youth Business Letter from Mayor Stanton