Mayor Stanton highlights impact of Phoenix's Local First procurement policy in State of the City Address

Last year, the City of Phoenix announced that it would be making a change to its procurement process. For goods and services costing less than $50,000, Phoenix must first offer the contract or job to a company based in Maricopa County or Arizona before offering the work to an out-of-state company. This change in policy was intended to be a boost for Phoenix and Arizona by keeping more dollars circulating in the local economy. A year later, Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton announced the amazing results of this shift:

local procurement city of phoenix

According to the City of Phoenix, the new city procurement process had directed 44 times the amount of money into the local economy in 2013 compared to 2011. This policy change is helping to support local businesses, create jobs, and use tax revenues as an investment in the local economy. Mayor Stanton even referenced this important change in his State of the City address on Wednesday: "Using resources more efficiently also drove us to streamline our procurement system, giving priority to local businesses."

We thank the City of Phoenix for their actions to support local businesses in Phoenix and across the state!