A New Hairdo

This Member Spotlight is on Coiffeur's Salon: salon

Spring is the season to put away those jackets and heavy layers. It's also a great time for a new look to kick start another blazing summer. Enter Coiffeur's Salon, a state of the art salon with top of the line equipment, stylists, and the best in hair care products – all at a competitive, reasonable price. Coiffeur’s Salon is located in downtown Phoenix, right next to Fair Trade Café, and breathes the urban downtown ambiance that is both chic and industrial. The team of talented, friendly stylists can transform your winter hair into something light and wispy for those blistering summer days.

In addition, the stylists are committed to providing a pleasant customer experience. The team at Coiffeur's Salon exemplifies the salon’s basic Golden Rule principal: to treat their customers the way they would expect and want to be treated. At Coiffeur’s Salon, you can expect pampered, personalized service and an experience that will leave feeling like you’re part of the Coiffeur's family. P.S. Be sure to swing by their website or the salon to order high-end hair products priced 10 to 15% lower than other retail store pricing.

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