How Do You Say…

This is member spotlight is on Interlingua:

Screen Shot 2014-03-10 at 9.14.31 AMRegret taking French instead of Spanish in high school or college? Looking to hone in or brush up on your Espanol? Or, maybe you’re interested in having your children enrolled in an after-school Spanish speaking course? Since 1997, locally owned Interlingua has made learning Spanish more accessible, more convenient and more cost effective. Interlingua has taught Spanish with success using a highly effective method that is based on the study, investigation and practice of how humans acquire language. The simplicity and methodology of the program, the academic quality of their instructors and the dynamic exchanges of experience in the classroom encourage most of their students to learn Spanish quickly and easily.

Class instructors connect students through Spanish language and culture in both structured and non-structured means. The teachers are all native speakers of Spanish, from different countries and cultures. Interlingua offers Spanish programs to children, adults, public and private organizations and companies, which has placed Interlingua as one of the premier Spanish language acquisition and retention programs in Arizona. To learn more, visit and consider signing up for a few courses or maybe even enroll in an immersion program in a country such as Argentina, Costa Rica or Peru!

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