Arizona Super Bowl Business Connect Program

Arizona Super BowlPlanning is already underway for Super Bowl XLIX to be held in Glendale in 2015. When a Super Bowl comes to town, it usually means quite a bit of media attention and an injection of economic activity. Based on statistics from the 2014 Super Bowl held in New Jersey, the event is expected to bring in 90,000 visitors to Arizona and have an economic impact of $500+ million over a four-day period. The Arizona Super Bowl host committee wants to make sure as many of those dollars are going towards Arizona businesses as possible with their Business Connect program. Super Bowl XLIX Business Connect is an NFL program executed by the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee to inform and engage local small businesses in procurement opportunities associated with Super Bowl XLIX. To qualify for the program, the business must meet certain criteria:

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 12.26.21 PMWhile the Super Bowl provides a unique opportunity for many Arizona businesses, those who wish to participate in the Business Connect program must have realistic expectations. There are a limited number of procurement contracts available, and not every business who participates in the program will win a contract. However, even if you do not end up winning a contract, the connections and knowledge that you gain going through this program are invaluable and can prove to be very useful for your business in the future. You'll gain important insights into what it takes to create a winning bid, which can help you to secure future opportunities.

You should know that the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee has specific expectations for businesses participating in the Business Connect program. Using these expectations as a guideline in your procurement bids is likely one of the best ways to produce a winning bid and generate some amazing longterm business relationships: 

  • Offer quality products or services.
  • Be well informed about and be a credible authority in your industry.
  • Demonstrate unwavering commitment to your partners, contractors, and the Business Connect program.
  • Have adequate staffing and inventory to meet the needs of your bids.
  • Be responsive. It is so important that you have open communication with the Business Connect program and your partners and contractors.
  • Be assertive and entrepreneurial.
  • Be on time and on budget.
  • Be effectively capitalized/insured/licensed & bonded.
  • Be certified by a professional organization.
  • Have previous experience with projects comparable to those requested by the Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee.

The Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee wants to use this opportunity to truly highlight what a great place Arizona is to bring and grow your business. If you think your business is up to this task, then get involved! Here are some next steps:

  1. Complete your SBC registration. It is required of all companies to apply and complete their SBC registration prior to registering for the Business Connect Program. Click here for information on how to get your business registered.
  2. Get your business registered for the Business Connect program. Remember: the earlier you register, the earlier your business will get into the system, ensuring that you won't miss potential opportunities. You also must register before March 15, 2014, in order to be invited to attend the next Business Connect Workshop on April 3.
  3. Download the Guide Book. This document explains everything you need to know about being involved in the program.
  4. Mark your calendars for key dates. The next Business Connect workshop will be held on April 3, 2014. Remember, you must register for the program before March 15 in order to be invited to this workshop. The deadline to register for the workshop is March 27. You can find other import dates here.

We also love this great video the Host Committee put together to highlight and celebrate the amazing growth Arizona has seen over the past several years since last hosting the Super Bowl in 2008, check it out!

For more information, visit or contact [email protected].