Flagstaff Named One of the West's Best Places to Live

macys cafe flagstaffThose of us who live in Arizona know we're lucky. From the low cost of living to the amazing desert sunsets, from the abundance of sunshine to the multitudes of unique communities, we have it good. Sunset magazine is the most recent publication to sing Arizona's praises when they named Flagstaff as one of the West's Best Places to Live, labeling the city as the best place "to be finally free." With a population of about 67,000, proximity to the state's tallest mountain and 7 national parks, and a vibrant downtown center with award-winning restaurants, Flagstaff is the perfect location to get away from it all, while still having a variety of entertainment options and a lively city center.

Sunset describes the unique balance of living in Flagstaff:

"The city's setting--at the base of those mountains [the San Francisco Peaks], with the Grand Canyon 90 minutes away--makes it as good as any in the West for outdoor recreation. But [Sonoran Institute Founder Luther] Propst also notes that Flagstaff has a diverse economy: tourism, education (it's home to Northern Arizona University), and government offices. The robust economy brings amenities like shopping and restaurants."


Whether your out in the middle of nowhere hiking among the aspen trees, enjoying a juicy burger prepared with local ingredients from Diablo Burger, or paging through the books at Bookmans Entertainment Exchange Flagstaff, there's something for everyone.

"Northern Arizona has been one of the state's best kept secrets," says Meg Williams, Northern Arizona Director for Local First Arizona. "But more and more people, both in Arizona's urban cities and across the West, are beginning to recognize and appreciate what a wondrous and beautiful place Northern Arizona really is. Flagstaff is one of our gems for everything it has to offer."

If you're heading up to Flagstaff soon, don't forget to check our local business directory for some great local restaurants, shops, and activities!