6 Ways to Go Local for Valentine's Day

heartsThis Valentine's Day, why limit showing your love to your significant other? Show your love to the whole community by supporting local businesses for your Valentine's Day gifts, activities, and more! When you spend your money at local businesses rather than national chain stores, up to four times more money stays and circulates in the local economy, creating more jobs, funds for public safety and schools, and overall more vibrant neighborhoods. Here are 6 ways to Go Local for Valentine's Day:

1. Purchase a unique piece of jewelry from a local jewelry artist or store

twisted sisters Image via Twisted Sisters' Designs, Mesa

Find the most unique pieces (and at great prices) when you visit local and independent jewelry artists and stores. Click here to start shopping.

2. Spend a romantic evening enjoying dinner at a local restaurant

agustin kitchen table Image via Agustin Kitchen in Tucson

If the one you love is a foodie, treat him or her to an amazing dining experience at one of the best local restaurants. Many are offering special Valentine's Day menus, so get your reservations in before spots fill up! Click here for a list of local restaurants across Arizona.

3. Choose Arizona-made wine or beer when eating out, or pick some up for enjoying at home

arizona stronghold Image via Arizona Stronghold, Cottonwood

Did you know that Arizona is home to some highly ranked and nationally recognized wineries and breweries? Drink local for this special day and taste what Arizona has to offer.

4. Select locally made candy or sweets to really please your sweetie's sweet tooth

wei of chocolate Image via Wei of Chocolate, Phoenix

Who doesn't love chocolate? Avoid the big boxes and bland flavors by going with the local sweets producer.

5. Head to your local florist to get the freshest bouquet of flowers

flowers Image via Atelier Lafleur, Tucson

Go local? Grow local! Go with the local florists (and perhaps some native Arizona succulents?) to pick a bouquet that will really impress your significant other.

6. Choose a local business for other gifts and cards

made card Image via Made Art Boutique, Phoenix

Show your love by getting him or her a one-of-a-kind card, many local boutiques carry handmade ones and offer other great gifts.