Four Ways to Go Local for the Super Bowl

superbowl 2014Image via the National Football League This year's Super Bowl pits the Denver Broncos agains the Seattle Seahawks, which is bound to be an exciting game! Wherever you are watching, there are ways to support your favorite local businesses for one of the biggest sports events of the year. When we keep our dollars circulating in the local economy, everyone is a winner! Here are 4 ways to go local for the Super Bowl:

1. Get your snack on locally

ajs super bowl Image via AJ's Fine Foods. Check out their Game Day Specials

Don't disappoint your guests with generic and boring snack options. Head to your favorite local grocer or store for the tastiest snack options for game day.

2. Stay quenched with local brews

Four Peaks beer Image via Four Peaks Brewing Company

Don't let your guests go thirsty. Drop by your local beverage store or brewery to fill up your growlers and pick up some delicious local brews! Everyone loves Arizona craft beer.

3. Watch the game at a local pub or bar

half moon grill Image via Half Moon Sports Grill

Keep your home clean and have someone else do the cooking by watching the big game at your favorite local sports bar. We've also put together a list of local Super Bowl events around the state to help you find the perfect place to watch the game!

4. Get your favorite team's merchandise from a local store

just sports Image via Just Sports

Get decked out in your team's gear so everyone knows who you're rooting for. Local sports merchandise stores can help you out!