Make 2014 The Year of Local First!

And just like that, another year is over. Let's celebrate our accomplishments of 2013 and look to 2014 as the year of Local First! You can stick to your own personal resolutions while making the commitment to shift your spending and go local, so not only will you improve upon yourself but you'll be contributing to your community! Check out our ideas for keeping to your own resolutions while Going Local in 2014:

Resolution: Be a Localist

  • Localist Logo Red Heart State SquareBecome a Localist! As a Localist, you will have first hand access and knowledge of all the awesome local things going on throughout the state. Plus, you'll be supporting local businesses while having fun, all at the same time! Just $20 for a whole year of membership, click here.
  • Pledge to Shift 10%!  Change your spending habits and shift 10% of your spending from a national chain to a locally owned business. Whether it’s a grocery store, bank, pharmacy or service based industry, a small shift on your part can make a big impact!  Visit the Shift Arizona website to take the pledge in your city.
  • Use the Local First Arizona directory! Hair salons, auto shops, real estate, entertainment, business services – you name it, you can find it on our website!

Resolution: Live a Healthy Life

Resolution: Eat Better and/or Lose Weight

Resolution: Get Organized

  • View LFA members that can help you get your life together. Whatever the mess (home, office, personal), these folks can help you!

Resolution: Control Your Finances

Resolution: Learn Something New

  • Learn a new language, check out a photography workshop, become ‘crafty’, dust off those paintbrushes, master a musical instrument – turn to locally owned business for instruction!
  • Visit your local bookstore for guides on teaching yourself new hobbies.

Resolution: Spend More Time with Family & Friends

Resolution: Go Green

Resolution: Stay Connected to Your Community

  • Give back to the community by volunteering at a local nonprofit.
  • Staycation in Arizona! Whether it’s a long weekend in Tucson, a day trip into Phoenix or a summer vacation in the cool high country, vacationing in state keeps money in Arizona. Check out our Small Wonders maps for locally owned retail shops and restaurants and stay tuned for our staycation guides on rural communities throughout the state. Or view our WeekendZona videos for fun staycation plans for Tucson, Verde Valley, Bisbee, Prescott, Globe and Miami! Here's our Bisbee video:

Stick with us for the rest of 2014 and we'll help you stick to your resolutions AND make 2014 the year of Local First!