Member Spotlight: Local Manufacturer of Eco-Friendly Mattresses

A1MattressShowroom2For over 35 years A-1 Mattress has been quietly manufacturing high quality mattresses right here in Arizona. The South Tucson factory employs four full-time staff making standard and custom sized mattresses. They use many eco-friendly materials including natural latex and bamboo fabric. These mattresses meet federal fire protection standards.The Tucson showroom at 5470 E Speedway Blvd features a sleep room where shoppers can try before they buy. A-1 Mattress' sleep experts want every purchase to result in a better night’s sleep. Customers are encouraged to invest a few hours of time discussing personal needs and sleep habits and trying out various mattresses to ensure satisfaction. A-1 also has the sweet dream guarantee in which a customer can request a change to their product for up to six months after purchase for free or with minimal charge. The craftsmen of A-1 also offer repairs including to products bought elsewhere. BBoidoUbaldo Boido provided much of the information for this profile. It was his grandfather, Enrique Boido, who started the business in 1978. Ubaldo’s father, Bobby, partnered with Enrique early, taking over as head of the company in the mid 1980s. Now, Ubaldo works in the family business as marketing director and managing partner. His mother, Terry LaPlant, also works in the business as the store manager. Currently A-1 carries a line called The Solace, an organic mattress developed in-house to serve people who are sensitive to chemicals and/or concerned about the environment. These mattresses are made of all organic latex, with some wool and cotton sewn into them. Looking ahead, the Boido family has plans to launch a new line of mattresses that will serve those who value a hand crafted custom mattress, built to personal comfort needs with all eco-friendly materials. This will be a build-your-own mattress. The customer will choose layers of materials such as organic cotton and wool and will help guide the comfort levels for a truly custom product. SleepRoom1Because A-1 sleep experts know buying a mattress is a big investment of time and money, they recently launched Dream Dollars. For sitting down for a consultation, customers can earn Dream Dollars towards their purchase. A consultation can even be started online. Earn $37 toward a purchase of $300 or more to start and more for higher priced items. All A-1 mattresses, including those with a pillow top, are double sided to increase the life span of the mattress. When flipped regularly an innerspring mattress will last 10 to 15 years. Latex mattresses last longer, often 15 to 20 years. A-1 also carries their own line of latex toppers and pillows as well as memory foam and mattress covers. All bedding in the store is American Made. They also carry basic bedroom furniture and may expand the offering to include items made by local furniture makers. A-1 Mattress is a proud supporter of Local First Arizona as a business member and advocate. Bobby Boido also serves on the Tucson Steering Committee for LFA. A-1 Mattress is hosting the LFA Member Mixer on January 8 at 6 p.m. at the showroom. RSVP here to attend.