Fed by Threads Looks Local to Produce Clothing Right at Home

fed by threads We were excited to see Local First Arizona member Fed by Threads post on their Facebook page recently about how excited they were to be producing some of their products locally right in Tucson! We wanted to ask them about the whole process and why going local was so important to them. The following questions were answered by Fed by Threads owner Alok Appadurai:

Q: What made you decide to produce this item locally, and what's been your experience so far? 

A: Fed By Threads is based on revitalizing the US-economy, reducing our impact on the environment & animals, on top of our core mission to feed hungry Americans. So when the opportunity to get our first dress made right here in Tucson, our home base, we jumped at the opportunity! We have connected with multiple local tailoring groups, much like the one's we have in California, North Carolina, & Alabama, and this is our first test-run to work out the kinks. Tucson has a strong garment manufacturing base as it turns out!

Q: Why is it important for you to look for local solutions with your business? 

A: It is important to Fed By Threads to go 'local' because of our deep beliefs in the positive effects that occur when people vote with their dollars. In our own family, Jade and I have completely retargeted how and where we spend our money, focusing on locally-owned businesses, farmer's markets run by our friend Manish Shah, the local food coop, local electricians, locally-owned bookstores like Antigone's and beyond. By producing this dress here in Tucson, we are supporting jobs for tailors here, who then are able to support other locally-owned businesses with their wages, and it creates a positive cycle of healthy economic stability.

Q: Are you looking for other ways to localize your business? 

A: We continue to seek more and more ways to go local! Our print team for our ethical-custom printing is all local, and we have begun to use Reproductions and other locally-owned services. It has been an incredible experience to bring organic garment production to Tucson and know that not only are feeding hungry Americans with each garment sold, we are also now directly injecting financial support into our local economy.

So great to hear about one Local First Arizona member is doing what they can to close the loop on their production and go as local as possible to invest more in the local community! Click here to read more about Fed By Threads.